Texas Football: Texas vs. Texas Tech Live Gameday Thread

Follow along live as the Longhorns take on the Red Raiders


Weird feeling among the crowd in the stadium right now. It's eerily quiet. Hard to believe this is the same place that hosted Texas vs. LSU a few weeks ago. 

The team seems to be focused and as amped up as you can be in this atmosphere. 

Texas Tech won the toss and deferred. The Longhorns will start with the ball. 

Sam Ehlinger on a keeper for 13 yards. 

Ehlinger hands to Duvernay, who goes for eight yards. 

Ehlinger keeps again for seven and a first down on the Texas Tech 49. 

Ehlinger sacked for a loss of five yards. 

Speed option to Keaontay Ingram for six yards. Will bring up third and nine. 

Swing pass to Ingram for no gain. Texas will punt. 

Punt downed on the 20-yard line where Texas Tech will take over. 

Five yard run from SaRodrick Thompson. 

Thompson goes for one yard. Will bring up third and four. 

False start on Texas Tech backs the Red Raiders up to a third and nine. 

Duffy hits Turner for a first down at the 31.

Deep pass just missed by Duffy.

Back to Thompson on the ground for 11 to the Tech 42. 

Duffy hits Carter for a gain of 13 into Texas territory at the 45. 

Duffy hits T.J. Vasher for 13 more to the Texas 34. 

Handoff to Thompson goes for six. 

Vasher takes a tunnel screen for 15 yards down to the 13 yard line. 

Duffy to Carter in th end zone for a 13-yard touchdown pass. 

Scoring drive: 11 plays, 80 yards 2:09 off the clock. 

First quarter 9:10 Texas Tech 7, Texas 0 

Note: Another slow start for Texas. With the lack of energy in this stadium, the Longhorns need a big play on offense or this game could turn on Texas. 

D'Shawn Jamison with a 34-yard kick return. Just when Texas needed a shot in the arm. 

Ingram picks up 11 yards for a first down on the Texas 46. 

Ehlinger hits Duvernay for 20 yards and a first down on the Tech 34. 

Roschon Johnson for six on first down.  

Johnson for three more. 

Ehlinger sneak doesn't work on fourth and one. Texas will turn the ball over on downs at the Tech 25. 

Note: Huge momentum play for Texas Tech to get out of that drive with no points.

Duffy's pass complete for a gain of 11. 

Thompson goes for 19 on first down after reversing his field. Tech back in Texas territory at the 43. 

Deep shot incomplete, but there's a penalty. Pass interference on Texas moves Tech up to the Longhorn 27. 

Duffy hits Vasher for 17 to move the ball to the 10.

Thompson to the right for a 10-yard touchdown. 

Scoring drive: 11 plays, 80 yards, 2:09 off the clock. 

First quarter: 4:14 Texas Tech 14, Texas 0 

Note: Texas Tech made it look easy on that drive. This next offensive possesion for Texas could very well determine if this game gets ugly or not. 

Holding backs Texas up to a first and 20. 

Roschon Jonson gains five on first down. 

Ehlingert hits Malcolm Epps for a gain of 36 to the Texas Tech 44. 

Ehlinger to Jake Smith for 13 and another Texas first down. 

Ehlinger goes deep for Epps. Pass incomplete but a pass interference moves the ball to the Tech 18. 

Brennan Eagles flagged for pass interference moves the ball back to the Tech 34. 

Ehlinger keeps for 13. 

Johnson gains 10 sets up a third and one. 

Ehlinger keeps for a 10-yard touchdown. 

Scoring drive: Six plays, 75  yards 3:20 off the clock

Extra point is blocked. 

First quarter: 0:54 Texas Tech 14, Texas 6 

Thompson goes for two. 

Incomplete pass thrown behind Carter. Will bring up third and eight. 

Duffy sacked by Malcolm Roach for a loss of 10. Tech will punt for the first time. 

Note: You can feel the momentum shifting a bit in Texas' favor right now after the slow start. 

Brandon Jones fields the punt and runs up to the Texas 35. 

Roschon Johnson with a physical 11 yard run. 

Marcus Washington with an impressive 16-yard catch and run. 

Daniel Young for two on the ground. 

Ehlinger hits Duvernay for 33 yard gain up to the 4-yard line. 

Daniel Young runs for a three-yard touchdown. 

Scoring drive: Five plays, 64 yards, 1:38 off the clock. 

Ehlinger hits Duvernay for the two-point conversion to tie the game. 

Second quarter: 13:09 Texas 14, Texas Tech 14

Note: A nice moment for Daniel Young. He's been kind of forgotten with the emergence of Roschon Johnson and Keaontay Ingram. 

Duffy hits a big pass to Carter for a long gain down to the Texas two-yard line. 

No gain on the run from Thompson. 

Thompson a 2-yard gain, but comes up short of the goal line. 

Another no-gain from Thompson. Fourth and goal from the one. 

Fade route incomplete. Tech turns it over on downs on the Texas 1-yard line.