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UCF Softball Live Blog: Knights Versus Wolverines

The UCF Softball team plays host to Michigan, and here's the continuous update on what's happening at "The Plex" from start to finish.

3:21 - Bejarano comes through again! Clutch line drive down the right field line. Knights win! Knights win! Knights win!

3:18 - Error on Michigan's second baseman. There was a chance for a double play but the ball was flat out dropped. Runners on first and second.

3:16 - A walk. could be the start of something.

3:15 - Knights now have one out in the 11th. 

3:09 - Fly out to center. Bottom of the eleventh coming up!

3:08 - Cody stabs a hot shot down the third base line and makes an accurate throw to first. Two outs for Michigan.

3:06 - That's also the 10th strikeout for Woodall.

3:05 - With the 2-2 count, Woodall strikes out the first batter of the inning on an off speed pitch. One down for the Wolverines in the top half of the 11th. Woodall has now thrown 172 pitches.

3:01 - Woodall is at 164 pitches and counting.

2:58 - Michigan gets out of the jam, ground ball ends the inning with a bang-bang play at first being called an out. We head to the top of the eleventh inning all tied up at 2-2.

2:55 - Long foul down the right field line. It's an out, but Cody advances to third base. Two out, runners on second and third....

2:53 - 3-2 count, and a base hit ... Knights are really in business. Doherty hits one just over the shortstop. Cody advances to second base. Still just one out for the Knights.

How about this catch?

2:50 - Cody with with a base hit just over the glove of the second baseman. Knights in business with one out in the bottom of the 10th.

2:48 - Cody now up to bat with a chance to end this...

2:44 - Fly out to left ends the top of the 10th inning. UCF now coming to bat with yet another opportunity to win the softball game.

2:43 - Now two outs for the Wolverines. Woodall still pitching well.

2:42 - Cody with a fantastic over-the-shoulder catch! It was down the third base line in foul territory. One out for Michigan.

2:36 - Beaubien with two strikeouts in a row. Clutch pitching from the Wolverine. Who's going to make the clutch hit? Michigan now up in the top of the 10th.

2:33 - Rowe steal third base. Now two outs. 

2:22 - Woodall with the strikeout. Knights hold serve in the top half of the inning, and now UCF with a chance to claim victory with a single run in the bottom half of the inning.

2:20 - Woodall now at 152 pitches and counting. 1-1 count with a runner on first and two outs for the Wolverines.

2:18 - Woodall gets a pop up to the catcher, now two outs. in the top of the ninth.

2:17 - A big missed call by the umpires. Michigan runner called safe despite a clear out at the bag. Runner on first, one out.

2:10 - Griffin crushes a ball, but foul. Next pitch, grounds out to third pace for the easy out. We head to the top of the ninth inning, still tied at 2-2.

2:09 - Cody flies out to left center. Hit hard, but not deep enough.

2:03 - Woodall gets the final out on a fly out to right field. 

2:00 - Ground out, two outs now for the Wolverines. 

1:59 - Michigan has a runner on first after a walk.

1:55 - Strikeout No. 8 for Woodall, one down in the 8th for Michigan.

1:53 - Woodall approaching 120 pitches, and still rolling...

1:49 - The inning ends with a sharply hit ball to first. With that, it's still all tied up and we head to extra innings.

1:47 - With a clutch, two out, two strike double, Maddie Bejarano ties up the game for the Knights! 2-2 and Bejarano is on second with the potential winning run.

1:43 - Rowe advanced to third on a groundout to first.

1:42 - UCF has advanced Rowe to second base. Now it's very interesting.

1:41 - Leadoff hit for Rowe. Knights with a shot to get something rolling in the final inning.

1:35 - Fly out to left field. Michigan is done in the top half of the seventh. It's do or die for UCF in the bottom half of the inning. Michigan up 2-1.

1:33 - Woodall continues to mow down hitters. Two outs for Michigan.

1:27 - Michigan gets out of the jam with a K. Heading into the seventh inning, it's Michigan 2 and UCF 1.

1:23 - Pitching change for the Wolverines. Widra is actually now on the mound.

1:22 - Ashleigh Griffin crushes a line shot down the left field line. Double for her, Doherty scores, and it's 2-1 Michigan leading UCF!

1:19 - Doherty hit by a pitch. She's now on first.

1:18 - Cody grounds out to shortstop, now two down in the bottom of the sixth for UCF.

1:17 - To start the sixth for the Knights, it's a fly out to left field. One down.

1:13  - Fly out to left to end the top of the sixth, as the Wolverines go down one, two, three. Knights coming up to bat in the bottom of the sixth.

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1:09 - Ground out to Woodall. Two outs in the sixth.

1:03 - Beaubien is absolutely dealing. She gets out of the jam with a K. Through five innings, she's only allowed two hits for the Knights. After five complete innings, it's Michigan leading UCF 2-0.

1:02 - Fly out to center for Macario. Two down in the bottom of the fifth. Volpe now up to bat

12:58 - Macario is in a position to make a big impact here. Runner in scoring position. 2-1 count...

12:57 - Rowe moves to second as Molina does a good job with a sacrifice bunt. One out in the bottom of the fifth.

12:56 - Rowe with the leadoff walk. Knights have something going.

12:52 - The review is over and the runner is ruled out at first. Knights coming up to bat.

12:49 - There's a replay review of a foul ball that ended up being an easy out for Woodall over to first base. Umpires checking it out.

12:45 - Error for UCF second baseman Justene Molina, as the ball bounces off her glove and goes into centerfield. Michigan now up 2-0 over UCF. Still two outs.

12:41 - Big play, as Michigan's Audrey LeClair flies out to left field. Now two outs for Michigan with runners at first and second.

12:39 -Kristina Burkhardt grounds to third, fielder's choice for the first out of the inning.

12:37 - Ella McVey with the two-strike bunt for a single. Two on and nobody out for the Wolverines.

12:33 - Annabelle Widra with a single. Michigan in business to start the fifth inning.

12:31 - Without question, Michigan starting pitcher Meghan Beaubien is dominating. Her off speed pitch is a thing of beauty. Another strikeout to end the fourth for the Knights. Michigan up 1-0 heading into the fifth inning.

12:27 - UCF needs to start consistently getting the ball out of the infield. Michigan's fielders are not being challenged enough right now. At least Doherty hit the ball into the outfield.

12:26 - Doherty flies out to right. One out.

12:20 - Woodall gets out of the inning with a K. Knights up to bat.

12:19 - Ground out to second, with the runner from first moving over to second. Two outs in the inning for Michigan.

12:17 - Woodall with an excellent pitch. Stikeout for the UCF starting pitcher. One on and one out for Michigan.

12:15 - Carson is ruled safe at first base. One on and nobody out for the Wolverines during the top of the fourth inning.

12:14 - Close play at first base, official review is now taking place. 

12:13 - Michigan up in the top of the fourth. Woodall still on the mound for the Knights. Batters four, five and six due up.

12:08 - After Searcy earns a walk, cody goes down looking. After three innings, It's still the Wolverines 1-0 over the Knights.

12:07 A bunt attempt leads to an easy out. Now Searcy is battling with nobody on and two outs.

12:02 - Micaela Macario strikes out to lead off the third.

11:56 - Ground ball to second, inning over for Michigan. UCF needs to get something going in the bottom of the third inning.

11:55 - Back-to-back, Searcy gets the second out down at third. Sharp ground ball thrown over to first for the out. Two outs for Michigan.

11:55 - Line out to third base. One down for Michigan in the top of the third inning.

11:54 - Woodall is already at 46 pitches. That could become a factor.

11:49 - Michigan gets out of the inning after a line out to second. UCF still trails 1-0 as we head to the top of the third inning.

11:47 - Johneisha Rowe rips one that's just off the shortstop's glove. It's a single for Rowe. Two on and two outs for the Knights.

11:46 - Another fielder's choice. Two outs for the Knights.

11:44 - With a fielder's choice, Ashleigh Griffin makes it to first but Doherty is out at second.

11:41 - To lead off the bottom of the second inning, Shannon Doherty rips a single up the middle. 

11:35 - Woodall gets out of the jam with an easy comebacker to the mound. After one-and-a-half innings, it's the Wolverines leading 1-0 over the Knights.

11:32 - Two out hit to left field. Michigan on the board first, 1-0 over UCF.

11:29 - Huge strikeout for Woodall. Now two out with runners on first and second for Michigan.

11:27 - Now Michigan has two runners on (spoke too soon). Woodall has lost some of her control.

11:23 - One up and one down for Michigan. Woodall is really keeping the Wolverines off balance with her selection of pitches.

11:19 - Yesterday's hero with two home runs, Jada Cody, strikes out to end the bottom half of the first inning. Wolverines back to the batters box next.

11:17 - The second hitter, Kennedy Searcy, lines out to first base. Two outs for the Knights.

11:16 - Volpe grounds out to third base. One out for the Knights.

11:15 - After scoring three runs on Friday, leading off for the Knights will be Allyse Volpe

11:11 - Three up and three down for UCF starting pitcher Kama Woodall. The right handed pitcher was completely dominant against Michigan during the first inning. 

11:09 - Two up, two down for Michigan. The wolverines starting slow.

Orlando - 11:05 - First inning, Michigan is up to bat.