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UCF Commitment Profile: LB Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris brings speed and power to UCF.
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The biggest need for the UCF Knights 2023 recruiting class would be linebacker. They already secured the commitment of Troy Ford, Jr., and that total was added to with the addition of Michael Harris and Andrew Harris, twins that both love playing football.

This report will focus on Andrew, who plays middle linebacker. Here’s a closer look at his skills.

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris Celebrating His Commitment to UCF with Family

Andrew Harris Celebrating His Commitment to UCF with Family

Size: 6’0 ½”, 195 pounds

Position: Middle Linebacker

School: Altamonte Springs (Fla.) Lake Brantley

Class: 2023


UCF won a long recruiting battle over programs from around the country. Miami, Florida State, Louisville, North Carolina, Texas A&M, Boston College, Maryland, Michigan and Tennessee are just some of his offers.

In the end, along with his brother, the selection was UCF over Michigan State and Maryland.


Lean; more sheer mass in lower extremities. Upper body is strong and yet still thin. Harris needs 15-20 pounds of muscle before he’s ready for full-time middle linebacker duty at the FBS level.

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Explosiveness resembles a slot receiver. The conclusion of his first step brings Harris close to his top speed. Track background has helped him with straight-line speed, as well as being sudden when moving laterally.


Coils and strikes with power that’s well beyond what one would expect from a player his size. He does not play out of control, however. Harris will stalk a running back, break down, and then attack the ball carrier carrying his hips through contact to create power.


This is the most exciting aspect of seeing Harris on film and in person. Most middle linebackers struggle in space; Harris excels in space due to his speed. Whether seeing him live at UCF’s camp or playing for Lake Brantley, his speed stands out.

As an example, he will dart around an offensive lineman to avoid contact and then also beat a running back to the edge and tackle him for a loss.

When in coverage, Harris can stay with players that have tremendous quickness even when they make sharp cuts. He also provides the ability to come off the edge with a quick burst and chase down the quarterback for a sack.


Harris rarely plays flat footed. He is low to the ground, allowing himself a better chance to change directions when needed. His balance also helps him when tackling as he generates more speed to the person with the football and creates more power upon impact.

UCF Projection

Harris will play at least one of middle linebacker and weak side linebacker. He’s best inside the box, and both positions fit his mentality of attacking downhill. As he learns more about the UCF playbook, he could be used in nickel and dime packages as well. 

UCF did well to land Harris (and his twin brother), as he is a good fit for the UCF defensive scheme which wants to use speed more than size at linebacker.

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