The Daily Knight: UCF Football Game Day Recruiting Visits

There are many aspects to game day visits that people other than recruits do not know about. Here’s an inside look at some of the key elements for a recruit on game day.
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ORLANDO - The UCF Football program continues to monitor 2022 recruits, as well as underclassmen. Part of the evaluation process stems from recruits coming to visit the Knights on a game day. Both sides get to know one another.

Whether it’s a look into how the weight room looks, what the daily life of a UCF Football player will be like, meeting players and coaches, and just getting to know the campus, those are some of the aspects of a game day visit.

Is it cut and dry? Absolutely not. It’s different for every single prospect. That’s also true for UCF as well. Just like each other college football program, there are different aspects of what the player and his family is like that need to be seen in person.

So what is the most important element of a recruiting visit?

It Starts with the Coaching Staff

Comfort is the easiest term to use. Will the parents/guardians be ready to hand over their son to the coaches and staff after meeting them? What’s the curriculum like and who can we speak with to answer more specific questions? What’s the weight training regimen like at your program?

Take running back recruit Jordan McDonald as an example. He's been to UCF before, but he's coming back this weekend. Each trip to UCF builds more of a bond between players and coaches because more questions will be answered and the ability to feel comfortable will be there.

Those are but a few of the questions commonly asked, and they all lead back to one word. Comfort.

If UCF or any other school does not allow for a recruit and the people that came with him to feel comfortable, that recruit will not likely consider UCF thereafter. That’s also a two-way street.

UCF Needs to Find the Right Fit

Much like the recruits making sure UCF is a good fit, that’s the same case with the coaching staff for the Knights. Will this young man be able to work with the players we already have here? Will he be a distraction while being a part of our program?

The laundry list of questions is quite long. Depends on the recruit, too. One thing is for certain, with the amount of effort UCF Head Coach Gus Malzahn and his coaching staff and recruiting administrative staff placed into recruiting thus far, there will be a thoughtful and comprehensive information gathering process that begins with communicating with each recruit.

There simply must be dialogue between both sides that begins a relationship. Of course the conversation topics will vary, but it's truly all about communication.

Here’s a more detailed look into what it’s like to be on a game day visit with today’s edition of The Daily Knight podcast:

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