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Chip Kelly's Initial Impressions of Week 1 Opponent, Coastal Carolina

Kelly knows the threat that Coastal Carolina poses

Your UCLA Bruins are less than a week away from the start of the 2023 season. The anticipation has been a journey, and soon, the team will grace the hallowed grounds of the Rose Bowl to face off against their Week 1 opponent, Coastal Carolina. 

While Coastal Carolina might not be a household name, Coach Chip Kelly knows better than to underestimate the challenge that lies ahead.

With a ton of new blood in the mix, players who are yet to etch their mark on the field, the upcoming game presents a unique scenario. The Bruins might hold the tag of favorites, but as Coach Kelly keenly acknowledges, relying on that alone won't suffice.

Kelly won't take Coastal Carolina lightly and won't let his team do so, either. He acknowledged that they have what it takes to make it work on their side and how new they'll look with a different coaching staff.

“They have a lot of wepon. Te difficult thing with Coastal going into this game is it’s a brand new coachig staff. New head coach, new coordinators at defense and special teams. The personnel is the same and I think Grayson McCall is one of the top quartbacks in college football."

(via Chip Kelly)

The Bruins will have their hands full, but Kelly and staff are making sure they will be ready for the challenge ahead. The Rose Bowl should be packed to see their team fight for a spot at a Pac-12 championship, filled with new faces and a ton of wins. 

The time is near.