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This past week in college football has been bonkers. Exactly seven days ago, the Pac-12 was set to be the Pac-10 after the transition of USC and your UCLA Bruins to the Big 10; however, that has all changed. The Pac-12 will resort into the Pac-4 with Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Arizona State going to the Big 12, and Oregon and Washington transition to the Big 10 with UCLA. 

That only leaves Oregon State, Cal, Stanford, and Washington State in the Conference of Champions... for now. The landscape of college football will change as we know it, and with new changes come excitement and some difficulties along the way. Many schools will be flying cross country, something many have not experienced in the regular season. It will look different and odd to start with, but people will get used to it over time. At the same time, you have those who aren't fans of the significant changes or have solutions to fix it. 

UCLA head coach Chip Kelly was among those who has a simple (but not really) fix on how college football should look moving forward. 

After practice, he spoke to the media and said there should be one big conference. 

"I'd be for we're all in the same division. Put 60 of us in the same division or do it like the NFL, where there's NFC West, NFC North, NFC South, it's the same thing, and then we all get together. There should be one conference in all of college football, then just break it up like they do the professional level based on geography that makes the most sense. There's your travel question, there's all those other questions but no one asks me." 

(via Chip Kelly)

Did Chip Kelly just solve college football? Now I'm not sure if an idea like that will actually work, but it makes total sense. Things will be broken up by geography, which they are anyway, you play teams in your division, and you have some out-of-game divisions like how they do at the professional level. 

That probably won't hold up with the NCAA, but it sure would be worth considering. It may take some years, heck even decades, to try to persuade the NCAA of that, but I think it would work. 

One thing is for sure; college football won't be how we know it. Change is coming, and we'll see how your Bruins fare in their new conference along with their other Pac-12 foes.