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UCLA Football: Linebacker Preparing For Multiple Utah Quarterbacks Amid Injury Questions

Who will the Bruins face at QB?

The UCLA Bruins are riding high with a 3-0 start to their season, and their upcoming matchup against the Utah Utes presents an opportunity to enhance their record further. The Utes, considered one of the top contenders in the Pac-12, are the reigning conference champions and pose a formidable challenge.

The quarterback situation for Utah remains uncertain, with rumors suggesting that Cam Rising may be the starting QB. However, this decision appears to be a game-time call. According to linebacker Kain Medrano, regardless of who takes the reins, the UCLA defense is preparing diligently for all possible scenarios. This thorough preparation is wise, given the potential variability in Utah's quarterback lineup.

"We're planning for all three [QBs]. We're going in there with a great game plan, and you know we're planning for the offense. Regardless of what quarterback gets there, we know the difference between them all, and we're going to go out there and play out best football."

(via Kain Medrano)

In their first two games, Utah deployed Nate Johnson and Bryson Barnes at quarterback, and both players performed adequately to support the Utes' offensive efforts. The potential return of Cam Rising would be a significant boost for Utah, given his status as one of the top quarterbacks in the conference and his intimate knowledge of the team's playbook.

The Bruins understand the challenge that lies ahead, and they are fully prepared to face it head-on. The versatility and adaptability of their defense will be crucial as they aim to counter whatever offensive strategies Utah brings to the table. This game promises to be a thrilling contest with implications for the Pac-12 landscape.

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