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One of the tougher careers to watch over the last few years has been that of former UCLA Bruins point guard Lonzo Ball. Ball was once touted as the next great point guard after his lone season with the Bruins but injuries have just derailed his career.

It has been sad to see because when Ball has been healthy, he has been effective on the floor. The former second-overall pick signed with the Chicago Bulls in 2021, and they looked like one of the best teams in the NBA with him on the court.

But he suffered a knee injury, and the team fell. He has not played a game since, and now it seems he will miss all of next season as well.

Bulls teammate Alex Caruso provided an update on Ball during an appearance on Ryen Russillo's podcast and had this to say.

"He's been great when I've seen him, as far as spirit and going to work," Caruso said. "That's kind of all you can do in that position. You can't really force anything when it comes to injuries, right? The body has to heal, and then you can get back out there and play."


He is taking one step at a time and is trying to get back on track. Ball understands that his career is hanging in the balance, so he is going to do whatever it takes to get back onto the court.

It seems like this will be a long, drawn-out process for Ball to get back on the court. But the most important thing for Ball is to get healthy. If he can play basketball again, then awesome, but his health needs to come first.