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UCLA Women's Basketball: Entire Team Practices Together For First Time This Summer

The true beginning of a special season!

Your UCLA women's basketball team has a number of goals on their checklist this season. However, before they could even get a crack at any of those, they first had to ensure that everybody was together and ready to work.

For a number of reasons such as international play, injury rehab programs and traveling setbacks, the Bruins have not been able to get their entire roster under their Westwood roofs to truly get some practices and workouts under their belts.

However, finally that came to an end as everybody reported to training headquarters all at once and came together to get ready for the new season. It certainly gave the squad a reason to celebrate and you can see how happy everybody was to see each other down below.

The Bruins came into the 2023 March Madness Tournament as the number four-ranked team but unfortunately fell to the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Sweet 16 in a rather disappointing final game of their season.

Therefore, it's great to know that even there were a number of barriers stopping them from all putting in work together so far this summer, they now are all under the same program and ready to build off of their standards set last year.

Experts are already super high on UCLA's roster this coming season as ESPN has them ranked at number four in the nation. However, we won't truly know where they stand against the rest of their competition until the official games start!