A Sign Of The Pac-12 Times

Scott Wolf

This column by the Oregonian's John Canzano pretty much sums up the way the Pac-12 and Pac-12 Network are running these days.

After layoffs and furloughs, what's the state of the network?

Excerpt: "The current network programming consists of replaying old classic games, but anyone closely watching can see that there’s nobody at the controls. The ticker, for example, hasn’t been changed for days.


“They let go of the ticker person,” said one current staff member."

“The managers aren’t managing anyone,” said another former staff member.

One of Canzano's points is the network might not be able to produce pre-game, half-time or post-game shows this season after mass layoffs.

Full column here

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Fire Larry Scoot and bring back the people that run the network.

Michael Guarino
Michael Guarino

No more Pac 12 Network pregame or postgame analysis?