Big Ten Football Is Back, What About Pac-12?

Scott Wolf

The Pac-12 has released a statetment following the Big Ten's decision to play football in October.


So it's not exactly new. Or news.

Whether the Pac-12 follows the Big Ten or not, it needs to do a better job of addressing the situation instead of just offering its usual spin.

Especially when you know have quarterbacks at Cal, Oregon and UCLA joining the USC players in expressing their desire to play.

It feels like the Pac-12 is hiding behind the state health officials right now. Has the conference tried to get a waiver like the NFL teams? Is it talking to anyone?

Whether or not you agree the season should start sooner, it's pretty much a given the Pac-12 is too slow on everything.

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Due to the fact that the PAC 12 is dominated by left wingnut states like CA, OR, and WA the conference is now and will be behind the proverbial eight ball in comparison to the rest of the country. Four out the five major conferences are playing. What does that tell you? WA and OR governors are more concerned about appeasing rioters and thugs than college football. Carol Folt is a congenital idiot and has no idea what football means to USC. No fucking clue! I just got a fund raising letter from the new Dean of the Marshall looking for $. Sorry Bud, i wish you well but until Max, Carol, and Caruso are gone you aren't getting a penny.

Michael Guarino
Michael Guarino

Carol Folt has just issued the following "Definitive Statement": "I am proud to walk this path with you!"