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Caleb Williams Reveals Which NFL Team He Wants to Play For

This would be a power move across the NFL if it happened.
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USC star quarterback Caleb Williams officially made his declaration to head to the NFL and now will go through the draft process. Williams is expected to be one of the top picks in the entire draft class and could be a massive game-changer for whichever team lands him.

There had been talk previously about Williams staying back in college to try to force his way to a specific team. But he will be entering the draft with no real power to do so.

However, that hasn't stopped him from revealing which team he would love to play for. Williams gave his preferred NFL destination in an interview with People Magazine. 

Williams heading to the Dolphins would be a power shift for the NFL. Miami made the playoffs this past season but fell short of their goals by being knocked out in the first round. 

Being able to throw the ball all around the field to the dynamic wide receivers that Miami has likely scares opposing teams. But fortunately for other teams, it's unlikely that he will end up in Miami.

The Dolphins would have to trade a lot to even be in a position to draft Williams. But we have seen dedicated teams move everything around to land the player that they covet. 

"San Fran, Raiders or Falcons," Williams says of other teams who are at the top of his list to play quarterback for one day. "I'd play anywhere."

Per Caleb Williams via People

Being from Washington D.C., Williams may prefer to play on the East Coast. He has the skill set to completely turn an organization around, and many teams will be jumping at the chance to draft him this coming year. 

While it may not be with the Dolphins, Williams is likely to find success in the NFL. Multiple teams at the top of the draft are just a quarterback away from being competitive, and Williams could end up being the missing piece for them.