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Carson Palmer on USC Job: 'I Believe This Is The Right Strategy'

Palmer shared his thoughts on the firing of Clay Helton and search for Troy's next head coach.

Former USC quarterback Carson Palmer spoke with reporters on Monday prior to the Trojans upcoming contest against the Utah Utes. Palmer is scheduled to be honored with an on-field salute on October 9, for his College Football Hall of Fame induction. 

During his press conference with reporters, the NFL veteran was asked about the current state of USC's football program, specifically the head coaching search.

Palmer revealed his stance on the firing on former head coach Clay Helton, and the highly coveted job vacancy. 

"I hope we get the coach of our future and not a three or four year stop for somebody. I hope we can find the guy for the next decade plus. I love where we are sitting. We were the first to open up that seat, so we've got the first crack at everybody," said Palmer.

"There was some talk, are you going to fire coach Helton in week one, week two, week six [or] at the end of the season. I believe this is the right strategy, I've seen it. When I was playing in the NFL and coaches would be fired early, you could see within the organizations that I played for the top amongst the coaches and amongst the staff. The word is out, people know that the jobs is available," Palmer said.

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"It's just good to know that the job is out there for NFL guys, for college guys, [or] for guys who are in retirement and thinking about making a comeback. They've got time to be vetted, to be interviewed, to start building a staff [and] to go into that meeting with the Athletic Director and school president."

Palmer was a four-year starter at USC, and became Troy's fifth Heisman Trophy winner in school history. He was inducted into the USC Athletic Hall of Fame in 2003 and was recently named to the 13-member 2021 College Football Hall of Fame class.

Palmer was drafted No. 1 overall in the 2003 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. He spent 15 years in the NFL, with the Bengals (2003-10), Oakland Raiders (2011-12) and Arizona Cardinals (2013-17).


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