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Former USC quarterback Carson Palmer appeared on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the polarizing topic of college football athletes opting out of bowl games. This is something that has become more common over the years, as top collegiate athletes forego their final games of the season to begin preparations for the NFL Draft.

Palmer, a first round draft pick, revealed his stance on the controversial topic.

“Back then when I was playing it was just a chance to play one more game," Palmer said when talking about bowl games.

"At the end of the day, in college football, you only get like 12 opportunities to put film out there to get drafted. So you know, my mindset back then and a majority of more college football players mindsets was you need game film, you need opportunities and chances to shine,” Palmer said.

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“I do understand it. I understand part of it,” said Palmer. “[But] I think you play, and if you really love playing the game and love the opportunity to compete with your guys. The guys you came in with, your freshman class and all of that. There are so many added little things that go into it. I have a tough time watching guys not play.”

Palmer was a four-year starter (1998, 2000-02) at USC. As a senior in 2002, he became Troy's fifth Heisman Trophy winner and completed 309-of-489 passes (63.2%) for 3,942 yards and 33 touchdowns.


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