USC Football 2020 Depth Chart Status

Claudette Montana Pattison

On Saturday morning USC football competed in a 81 play scrimmage at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Giving players and coaches a taste of what is to come on November 7th.

USC head coach Clay Helton expressed his excitement over USC's defensive progression and credited defensive coordinator Todd Orlando. Although, USC has some key defensive stars like Drake Jackson (OLB) and Palaie Gaoteote IV (LB), Helton expressed that every player is going to have to step up this season. 

"The two's is really what I'm looking forward to, I think that is where the most competition is at right now. I think our coaches have done an amazing job. I asked them to build from the ground up. To coach our guys from the bottom up because each and every kid is going to have to contribute this year with what is going on whether it is injuries, testing, or depth." (Helton)

One position that does lack depth is the quarterback position. Since JT Daniels departure, USC was left with only three options. Returning starter Kedon Slovis, Matt Fink and Mo Hasan. Helton mentioned that he is pleased with Slovis's physical and mental development in the offseason. Backups, Fink and Hasan have been getting plenty of reps in practice and Clay Helton is pleased with their accuracy and progression. 

Leading up to the Arizona State game, much emphasis has been placed on getting all three depth groups conditioned and ready to compete at any time. 

"We worked three groups in that scrimmage [Saturday] and all three groups really produced, there weren't a lot of missed assignments." (Helton)

USC will release a two deep depth chart Friday prior to the Arizona State game. Guys like Markese Step (TB) are expected to return prior to game one. 

USC will compete in one more early scrimmage or rather a "mock game" prior to November 7th. Clay Helton does intend to scale down the physicality as a preventative measure to avoid injuries before the season opener. 

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Listen, Clay Helton couldn't put an elite team together with more 5 stars then the rest of the division combined. He has shifted gears and is getting more 3 star talent to try something new. He started JT Daniels when both Slovis and Fink were better in order to give teams a chance to win. I think Helton is just trying to align USC with the rest of the PAC 12 and stay out of the national spotlight. As an ASU fan, Helton is doing a great job at USC. I hope he goes 5-2 this year and they give him another shot in 2021.