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Colin Cowherd Makes Bold Prediction For USC Job

"My guess is LSU will get a better coach than USC," Cowherd said.

The USC and LSU job openings are arguably two of the most desirable vacancies among college sports right now. While the Trojans offer glitz, glam and tradition the Tiger's have recent national championship appeal and offer SEC ties. 

Many have made the case for why one job 'stands out' over the other, including Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd. Cowherd believes that LSU is the better job between the two because the program 'wants it more'. Essentially, he believes that passion will result in the Tigers landing a superior head coach.


"I said this a few weeks ago, LSU is the better job than USC, because they want it more. College football has a history. How badly do you want it? Miami Hurricanes they don't really want it. You know who wants it? Alabama, [and] Ohio State," Cowherd said.

"My guess is LSU will get a better coach than USC, that would be my guess. California has so many advantages. Easier conference, bigger state economy. Who wants it more? I'd argue LSU."

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The USC Trojans fired former head coach Clay Helton in September just two games into the 2021 season. He finished his tenure with a 46-24 overall record. Down in Louisiana, athletic director Scott Woodward announced the firing of LSU head coach Ed Orgeron after the Tiger's 49-42 win over Florida. 

Orgeron has committed to finish out the 2021 season with LSU, despite a looming departure.

“I have always understood the expectations at LSU, and they are the same expectations I have for myself and our staff. I am disappointed that we have not met these expectations over the past two years. Thank you to the entire LSU family for the opportunity to coach one of the greatest college football teams of all time. I’ll continue to fight, as will our team, throughout the rest of the season.” 


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