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USC Football: College Expert Impressed By Trojans' Strong Defensive Showings

The defense has come to play so far!
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So far through the first three games of the new college football season, one thing is clear about your USC Trojans. It’s that their defense is much better than last season, and that makes this team very dangerous going forward.

The biggest question surrounding the Trojans entering the year was about how their defense would hold up. It caused major headaches a year ago, but so far, it looks the part of a title-contending team.

College football expert Joel Klatt of 247Sports has been impressed with the Trojans improvement on the defensive side of the ball this year, and he says that USC could really make noise now that their defense is up to par with the offense.

“This team is a lot better than last year’s team," Klatt said of the Trojans. “USC’s defense is actually trending towards good. That’s scary for the rest of the Pac-12. That should be scary for the rest of the country.”

Per Joel Klatt of 247Sports

If the defense continues to play lights out, the Trojans could easily find their way into the College Football Playoff. They need them to be around average, and they are playing better than that.

Now, the Trojans will take on tougher competition here soon, but this is a positive sign for this program. The offense no longer has to carry the entire load for them to find success.

Speaking of the offense, Klatt believes that reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams looks even better this season. It’s hard to top what he did last year, but Williams has started out hot once again.

"Caleb Williams is better than last year," he said. "He will stay in the pocket longer, which makes his ability to scramble even more dangerous. I shouldn’t say scramble, I should say throw on the run. As soon as Williams breaks contain and is running around, you know a big play is going to happen.”

Per Joe Klatt of 247Sports

It’s safe to say that Klatt is a big fan of this Trojans team, and for good reason. They pose one of the best teams in the country and are a favorite to make the CFP this year.