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College Football Playoff Rankings: Will USC stay at No. 4?

The Trojans are currently in the CFP, but can they stay there?

USC's win over Notre Dame on Saturday, along with losses by LSU, Clemson and Ohio State, paved the way for the Trojans to jump into the latest College Football Playoff Rankings. 

The Trojans (11-1) now sit at No. 4, and if the season ended today they would play No. 1 Georgia in the semifinals on Dec. 31.

Here are the latest CFP rankings:

1. Georgia

2. Michigan

3. TCU

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4. USC

5. Ohio State

6. Alabama

But can USC hang onto the No. 4 spot?

It stands to reason that if the Trojans beat Utah in Friday's Pac-12 championship game, they're in. But what happens if the Trojans struggle in a close victory? The issues with their defense are widely known and have been cited by the CFP committee. 

Would the committee take one-loss Ohio State over one-loss USC if the Trojans don't pass the eye test on Friday?

We will find out soon.