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Donte Williams Reveals Interesting Change to USC Football Practice

"On Tuesday and Wednesday, refs will be at practice," said USC's interim head coach Donte Williams.

Donte Williams, got his first win as USC interim head coach in Pullman, Washington last Saturday, and wants to keep the momentum rolling going forward. 

As the the Trojans gear up for their fourth game of the 2021 season against Oregon State, Williams discussed the small changes he's made since becoming head coach, during media availability with reporters. The hope is that these small changes will reflect bigger ones come game day.

“On Tuesday and Wednesday, refs will be at practice,” Williams said. “Just like you saw guys getting pulled out of the game when they get a penalty in the game on Saturday, they’ll be pulled out of practice if they make a penalty in practice."

Williams wants to instate a sense of accountability from the coaching staff to the players. Student athletes will now have to step up and take responsibility for mental errors made on the field. Referees will intensify practices in the upcoming week and raise the tempo closer to game speed.

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“I want to make sure guys are never complacent. You get too comfortable, you start over, and suddenly realize that practice is maybe not that important to you, and you start looking forward to Saturday in the game. I want to make sure they look forward to practice and continue to get better and develop every day," Williams said.

The USC Trojans will face Oregon State on Saturday, with the Beavers riding high off a 42-0 thumping win over the University of Idaho. Williams will look for his squad to build on their win last week in front of a packed Coliseum.

“I hope it’s crazy,” said Williams, as he looks forward to his first home game as head coach. “I hope it's a big-time problem for Oregon State.”


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