Donte Williams Talks Defense and Year 1 At USC

Claudette Montana Pattison

Donte Williams USC's newest cornerback coach spoke to this media on Wednesday morning to provide an update on the USC's defensive progression. Olaijah Griffin (CB) and Chris Steele (CB) started off the conversation by discussing the changes they've seen from the new defensive coaches. 

"Something that stands out to me...last year we weren't really physical so we didn't really get the feel of hitting even though we know how to hit and be physical but now just getting the feel of the physicality in practice going against each other its just helping us" (Olaijah Griffin)

"For me I think the biggest difference that I've seen in comparison to last year would probably just be the physicality for sure and the energy level...last year everything was kinda toned down this year all our coaches come out with a lot of energy and everyone really competes like it is a game. We try and practice like it is a game" (Chris Steele)

Donte Williams addressed working with USC's two new defensive additions Craig Naivar and Todd Orlando. 

"With me a Craig it's awesome it is like peanut butter and jelly so we go together pretty well. We feed off each others energy. I'm so use to being that guy thats probably like the firecracker and everything else, but Craig is already that guy. I'm more of Dr.Phil right now, and it fits. We still do a lot of things together as a collective group so it's not just the corners and not just the safeties. It's the db's and you know we work together pretty much exclusively and it's working in practice you can see the growth". 

Regarding Orlando, Williams said, 

"He allows coaches to coach. I'm aggressive by nature he's aggressive by nature he's allowing us to do what we do".

Williams will look to rotate his defensive players throughout the season. He believes in an organizational depth chart over a 1st and 2nd string structure. And he will look to evaluate players on a game to game basis every week. Williams will look to utilize the corners in a boundary and field system. With USC's current depth in the corner position, he feels confident in filling those roles. 

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