How Does Ian Book & Kedon Slovis Stack Up Against One Another?

The Veteran vs. Slovis
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The Notre Dame vs. USC rivalry is a historic rivalry dating back to 1926. For the first time since WW2 the the Trojans will not play the Irish due to the PAC 12 first restricting non conference play and then postponing their fall season. 

The result of this - Notre Dame has lost the USC and Stanford games and will join the ACC for the 2020 Season. Arguably, the biggest game for the Irish will be their match up against #1 ranked Clemson. The Irish will host the Tigers in South Bend on November 7th. 

SI All Trojans reporter Claudette Montana Pattison talks with Irishbreakdown publisher Bryan Driskell on how Ian Book and Kedon Slovis stack up against one another. In a story on the Irishbreakdown published last week Driskell writes...

"USC quarterback Kedon Slovis ranked seventh on the list, and he’s another player that is getting far too much preseason hype. Slovis, of course, won’t be playing this season due to the PAC 12 canceling its fall campaign, but there were high expectations on him.

Slovis runs an Air Raid offense that has turned average quarterbacks into 4,000+ yard passers for over a decade. It’s a system that guarantees a certain level of production, and that production doesn't always equal great play. When Pat Mahomes did it the play was brilliant, and you could tell. When Graham Harrell - the current OC at USC - passed for 10,816 yards and 93 touchdowns in this offense back in 2007-08 it was clear he was very good at executing the system, but he wasn't an elite quarterback.

I think this must also be considered. Who would have more success, Ian Book running the USC offense, or Kedon Slovis running the Notre Dame offense. I think if the roles were reversed Book would put up monster stats in that offense, especially with his running ability, while Slovis would have his fair share of struggles carrying out all the requirements of the Notre Dame offense."

Book does have more experience under his belt as Slovis is still young in his college career and will mature and develop further over the next couple of years at USC.

Since we are doing comparisons - another thing to compare between Notre Dame and USC is recruiting. So has recruiting been affected Notre Dame with COVID-19? 

In this interview Driskell mentions, that recruiting has been affected "a little bit". Notre Dame was "pickier getting players on campus in the winter"  and "loss some opportunities" but ultimately they are getting back on track. Prince Kollie a top 250 LB committed to ND earlier this month.

USC's recruiting on the other hand has remained stabilized. However, landing Korey Foreman one of the top recruits in the nation with many offers from all over the country will help solidify that USC is trending in the right direction landing bigger sized playmakers.