Is USC Really Going To Use Its Tight Ends?

Scott Wolf

USC is going to great effort to demonstrate it will actually throw to its tight ends this season.

Said tight end Erik Krommenhoek: "I think we're going to get a lot more opportunities on the outside than we have in the past. Gotta make the most of those opportunities and do our best to catch some touchdowns."

He also said this: "Our goal as a room is to have (our role) increased."

 That's not quite as confident sounding.

But Graham Harrell can easily increase the role if he wants to. And when you ignore the tight end, even a few passes is a bigger role. It will not take much.

So we'll see.

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Did you see the catch Jude Wolfe made. It was one of the few highlights they’ve shown on the Internet and he made an amazing touchdown catch so I think you will see Tight ends catch some more balls this year