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USC running back Keaontay Ingram has yet to declare for the 2022 NFL Draft, but will join the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in January.

Ingram transferred from Texas ahead of the 2021 season and made an immediate impact for the Trojans' offensively. While he missed Troy's final few games with injury, Ingram finished the year with three 100-yard games, including a 204-yard performance against the Arizona Wildcats. Ingram ends his career as a Trojan with 156 carries, 911 yards and five touchdowns.



Here is NFL Draft Bible's Evaluation of Keaontay Ingram:

"Ingram plays with a low-pad level for a running back measuring six feet tall. Despite having long legs, he has surprising short-area quickness and contact balance thanks to the low center of gravity he plays with, as well as some active feet. Ingram has a patient approach as a runner and plays behind his pads with his eyes up, scanning for run lanes or oncoming defenders. 

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He has the upper-body build to absorb shots without losing balance and will even deliver a blow from time to time. Ingram has no issue accelerating hard into holes, fearlessly cutting upfield into the traffic. 

He shows discipline not to bounce runs outside prematurely, although he can be a little quick to cut back. Once he gets into the open field, Ingram shows terrific burst with a second gear that can force defenders to change their pursuit angles quickly. 

He takes a balanced approach taking on incoming tacklers in the open field, choosing to lower his shoulder as often as he tries to make them miss. When Ingram attempts to avoid contact, he often uses a jump cut or head fake before planting and changing direction. He’s also pulled out a nifty spin move once or twice. Plays with great desire, often seeking to fall forward or rip free of a tackler’s grasp."


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