Mark Sanchez Talks Sam Darnold & Jets

"I really feel for Sam...because I've lived it"
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Mark Sanchez and Sam Darnold share some commonalities. Sanchez played for the USC Trojans 2005-2008 and the NY Jets 2009-2012. Darnold played for the USC Trojans 2015-2017 and is the current QB starter for the NY Jets. 

On Sunday the NY Jet's took on the Indianapolis Colts finishing with a loss 7-36. Darnold threw three interceptions but all around the Jet's offense struggled.

In a virtual press conference Darnold said,

“I’ve got to play consistent...I’m not playing consistent enough to play well in this league. For me, I have to play more consistent. Make the plays when they are there. When they’re not, get rid of the ball - chuck it down. Do all the right things I need to do.”

Mark Sanchez went on The Pat McAfee show today and discussed the current state of the Jets and Sam Darnold.

"The problem is they missed on a couple of free agents right...Mosley... Levon Bell just haven't panned out for whatever reason. I don't think its a talent issue I think its an availability those guys are the other issue is your trying to draft these kids and receivers and weapons for Sam [Darnold]...guys just aren't available [Sanchez referring to the amount of injuries on the Jets IR].

Sanchez went on to say...

"Your putting a product out there on the field that is in no way ready to compete with the rest of the league. Honestly it is frustrating to watch and I really feel for Sam [Darnold] because I've lived it... because those last two seasons I had in New York the roster looked almost identical"

"They don't have a household name that a defensive coordinator looks [at] during the week and goes okay what are we going to do about this guy".

The former Trojan and the Jet's offense will aim to make quick improvements for Thursday nights game as they take on the Denver Broncos at home.

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