Former USC Trojan Michael Pittman Jr. Talks NFL Rookie Life

"Honestly, the Colts have been really good."
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Former USC wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. appeared on Trojans Live to talk about how life has been for him as a NFL rookie. Despite this season already looking different due to COVID-19, Pittman Jr. also experienced another road bump, when he was hospitalized after the Colts vs. Jets game due to compartment leg syndrome. 

"It all started with a toe injury and throughout the week I was running on the outsides of my feet and it made my calf swell up. We thought it was a muscle spasm. Come Sunday, I go to make a 15 yard in-route cut and it goes out on me. Later that night around 11:30 PM, I'm getting ready to go to bed, then I notice that I couldn't feel my foot. And then within 45 minutes I was in the surgery room and then I woke up and my leg was cut near my knee to my ankle and now I'm here."

Although Pittman Jr.'s surgery was serious, his recovery time was relatively quick. "It only took about 3 to 4 weeks to heal" said Pittman Jr. on Monday night. The wide receiver has now recovered, and is off the Colts IR list. 

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The speedy wideout also chatted about what it's like to learn from some of the best in the business, like veteran QB Phillip Rivers. Pittman Jr. said,

"I've learned so much from him. Everything that he brings to being a competitive leader and how he handles pressure, he is just great."

Pittman Jr. and Rivers have been connecting well with one another during Michael's short time in Indy. Just a few weeks ago, during the Colts vs. Titans, Thursday Night Football game. Pittman Jr. led the night in receiving stats with seven receptions and 101 receiving yards. He connected with Rivers on a cross route play at 1st & 10 at IND 49 (11:49 - 4th) where Rivers found the undefended Pittman Jr. for a catch & the former Trojan ran the ball down the right side of the field 40 yards. The play even caught the eye of former USC Trojan Marcus Allen!

Pittman Jr. assured Trojans fans on Monday nights Trojans Live, that in addition to Philip Rivers, being an excellent mentor, the rest of the veteran guys have been welcoming to the new rookie as well. 

"Honestly, the Colts have been really good. All of the vets have been really great, I haven't had to do anything except buying snacks, I had to do my rookie show performance, I had to give up my seat a couple of times. Other than that, nothing, everybody is really cool."

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Of course you can always count on Pittman Jr. to represent and support his alma mater. Pittman Jr. said, "I watch every game from start to finish, every single game." and " I really think that we have a good chance to go to the playoffs."

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