Paul McDonald Talks Life After USC/NFL Career

Claudette Montana Pattison

Paul McDonald, legendary quarterback for the USC Trojans talks with SI All Trojans reporter Claudette Montana Pattison for another segment of Where Are They Now.

Even though McDonald played in two Rosebowl's and led USC to win a national title, his most memorable game was the Notre Dame vs. USC rivalry in 1978. 

McDonald was joined by a few other notable names including Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen and 10 time NFL Pro Bowler Ronnie Lott. The Fighting Irish had famous QB Joe Montana.  

As McDonald recounts in our 1/1 interview...the #3 ranked Trojans dominated most of the game and led 24-6 going into the fourth quarter. Montana led a comeback late into the 4th but the Fighting Irish fell short to the USC Trojans as McDonald led his team to field goal range and secured the win. 

McDonald was drafted in the fourth round of the 1980 NFL Draft and had an 8 year career as a PRO. Like many, McDonald faced some challenges when transitioning out of the NFL, however he was able to still find success in his endeavors after football.

McDonald currently resides in Southern California, working in the title insurance industry. He's in the process of writing a book "Moving Through The Tunnel" which features McDonald's philosophy of life told through sports stories.

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As a wimpy Frosh wannabe in the stands, I watched #16 complete a nearly flawless 1979 CFB season. I cannot respond to the only imperfection--a 21 to 21 tie to Stanford--as I left that game at halftime to go back and study for a Chemistry midterm. Apparently, a brash Freshman QB at Stanford was thrust into the second half of the game at the vaunted Coliseum down 0-21 and led the 'furds to a 21 point 2nd half. WTF?

I do recall so many bombs from #16 being completed to Kevin Williams that season. I think Mr. Williams scored TD's on about one third to one-half of his receptions that year. An efficient flanker?
Daaay yammmm! Had a guy named Charles White who got the ball most of the time that year.

Thanks CMP!