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Protesters Who Delayed USC vs Cal Football Game Arrested by Authorities

Protestors who disrupted the USC and Cal game were arrested.

The start of the final meeting between the USC Trojans and Cal Golden Bears was immediately disrupted by a group of protestors who linked arms on the field and refused to leave. 

The game was meant to kick off at about 1:07 p.m. but was officially delayed by seven minutes. Authorities began to take the field to remove the protestors, though they were not willing to move. 

After a short time, the protestors were removed, being ushered off the field by the authorities. Here is the video of the protestors being led off with their hands behind their backs:

So far, there is no additional information about what the students at Cal State Berkeley were protesting about. 

The authorities were quick to remove the protestors for the safety of everyone on the field.