Spookiest Game Endings USC vs. Arizona State

Some Halloween History
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In honor of Halloween and week 1 of PAC 12 football returning next week; let's take a look into some of the "spookiest" game endings between the USC Trojans and Arizona State Sun Devils.

2000 - USC vs Arizona State

After a 5 game loosing streak the Trojans broke their pattern taking the Sun Devils into double overtime. Going into the 3rd quarter the Trojans had good momentum leading over Arizona State, 28-3 with 1:17 left in the third quarter. When suddenly, the momentum seemed to "fumble" quite literally. USC gave up four fumbles following their lead into the third quarter which ultimately took the game to double overtime.

In the first overtime Arizona State's kicker Mike Barth completed a 27 yard field goal, USC placekicker John Wall tied it with a 23 yard kick. Going into double OT, the Trojans ended the game with RB Chad Pierson scoring on a 2 yard run. DE Sultan Abdul Malik forced a fumble by Arizona State which DE Matt Childers recovered to end the game.

Final Score: USC 44 | Arizona State 38

2006 - USC vs Arizona State 

During the 2006 matchup the Sun Devils offense struggled to put points on the board until well into the second quarter of the game. Going into to 1st quarter it was USC:14 ASU:0. The Sun Devils found a little momentum in the second quarter going into the half USC:21 ASU:7. But once again the Sun Devil's came out of the half refreshed and ready to play. Going into the fourth quarter ASU had tied the game 21-21. The Trojans struggled to find their own momentum until RB Chauncey Washington rushed for 2 yards with 4:29 left in the game. This play secured the win for the Trojans. 

Final Score: USC 28 | Arizona State 21

2009 - USC vs Arizona State 

The 2009 matchup between the Trojans and Sun Devils was a low scoring game and although USC came out victorious, ASU beat out the Trojans statistically in almost every category. 

First downs: USC: 12 | ASU: 23 

Total yards: USC: 258 | ASU: 347

Total passing yards: USC: 117 | ASU: 280 

Possession time: USC: 16:05 | ASU: 20:02

It was 14-9 USC-ASU with :07 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Arizona State had possession of the ball and were 4th & 1 at USC 45. The Sun Devils went for a Hail Mary pass on the final play when safety Will Harris intercepted ASU QB Brock Osweiler's pass. 

Final Score: USC 14 | Arizona State 9

2010 - USC vs Arizona State 

A close scoring game, the 2010 USC ASU match up was one to remember. The Sun Devils were seeking redemption following the 2009 loss to the Trojans. Once again the game came down to a close scoring 4th quarter. ASU was leading over the Trojans 33-31 with 6:59 left in the 4th. At 3:06 the Trojans went for a 29 yard field goal and placekicker Joe Houston sealed the win for USC. 

Final Score: USC 34 Arizona State 33 

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