USC Football Press Conference Take Aways

Claudette Montana Pattison

USC athletics held a press conference with USC Head Coach Clay Helton, QB Kedon Slovis, and WR Amon-Ra St. Brown. And here are a few take aways.

On playing in 2020:

Brown: "We've been preparing...I'm ready to rock"

Slovis: "Excited and proud of the way our team came together to put pressure on local team and state officials"

Helton: Helton made it clear that he was very proud of the student athletes using their voices to promote playing the 2020 season.

On the return of Jay Tufele and Alijah Vera Tucker:

Helton: "We are going to let them absorb the information and let them think about where they are today and have them make the best decision for themselves and their families"

On Kedon Slovis Improvement This Season:

Slovis: "Always trying to improve on all aspects of the game...[but] #1 [is to] alleviate cutting down turnovers both interceptions and fumbles"

On The Return Of Practice:

On Daily Antigen Testing:

Helton: "Those machines arrived on campus this week. Hoping to have them in place by the start of training camp...We will have daily testing...We feel in a weeks time those machines will be up and running" 

On USC's Offense:

Slovis: "We got a lot of reps going into last summer. The main difference is we know the system a lot better this year as a offense"

Helton: "You look at the amount of returners...what I've seen has just been the comfort level and the timing and everyone being on the same page... Kedon is pulling the trigger even faster it's been nice to move kids around to be able to see Amon-Ra [play] right [and] left... it's been good to see the kids are learning conceptually... I think were in a great place here offensively"

On No Fans At The Coliseum:

Helton: "It's going to be different" Helton went on to mention that no fans will call for an extreme sense of urgency for players and coaches to bring their own energy.

Slovis: "The most excited team always wins... you can always see on the sideline which team has more energy. For us nothing changes but at the end of the day its got to come from us"

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Rialto Trojan
Rialto Trojan

Helton on no fans in the stadium, “What a relief, without chants calling for my firing I might squeeze by another season. No booing when we false start for the third time in a row, it’s a benefit to the players.”
I just hope the fire Helton banner flying of the stadium gets noticed by the TV

Topix Trojan
Topix Trojan

Thank you for referring to him as "Brown", his REAL name.

Michael Guarino
Michael Guarino

Slovis on the subject of 'where team energy comes from': "At the end of the day (especially at the end of a game day), it's got to come from us (cuz it sure ain't coming from Helton)."