USC Lunch Notes: Not Quite A Hype Video

Scott Wolf

Even the new hype video guys from LSU won't take credit for this "comical" production.

  • USC has named former Sparks coach Julie Rousseau as chair of its Black Lives Matter Action Team.
  • “The anger, sadness and desperation that I have heard from our student-athletes has led us to an unrelenting resolve to effect change,” USC athletic director Mike Bohn. “Our shared mission is to confront – head on, together, and with urgency and purpose – the social injustices that are tearing our communities apart. We all share the same commitment to building an inclusive athletics program that provides our student-athletes with a safe and supportive environment. We stand for justice and embrace a culture of respect for all.” 

The steering committee will include athletic director Mike Bohn, Senior Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator Joyce Bell Limbrick, Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Alan Green, Senior Associate Athletic Director/Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services Dr. Denise Kwok, Deputy Athletic Director Paul Perrier, and Senior Associate Athletic Director/Chief of Staff Brandon Sosna. 

The advisory committee features 25 people:

Student-Athletes (7): Ethan Anderson (Men’s Basketball), Croix Bethune (Women’s Soccer), Desiree Caldwell (Women’s Basketball), Mireille Codjia (Women’s Rowing), Ben Easington (Football), Joy McArthur (Women’s Track and Field), John Thomas (Baseball)

Coaches (8): Aarika Hughes (Women’s Basketball), Jason Hart (Men’s Basketball), Mike Jinks (Football), Kris Kwinta (Men’s Tennis), Keidane McAlpine (Women’s Soccer), Lindsey Munday (Women’s Lacrosse), Jeff Nygaard (Men’s Volleyball), Caryl Smith Gilbert (Track and Field)

Staff (10): Kevin Bolen (Student-Athlete Academic Services), Chanel Buccola (Human Resources), Dylan Firsick (Sports Psychology), Greg Gilbert (Development), Craig Kelley (Marketing), Jordan Moore (Digital Media), De-Neita Peoples (Compliance), Hatcher Parnell (Facilities), Dunford Rodill (Athletic Medicine), Kurtis Schultz (Strength and Conditioning) 

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Colligete sports is destroyed. These snot nose punks are crying because they feel they aren’t coddled enough. Those spoiled brats don’t realize how lucky they are to have a 4 year freed education at a value of $1 million for the four years. Forget them


What a crock of crap!

Michael Guarino
Michael Guarino

So glad to hear Bohn's beautiful [empty] words on equality ---backed up by a super dooper pooper Blue Ribbon Committee. Don't anyone say change isn't in the air!
Why did Helton act so unimpressed with Jaren Lewison's video when his footwork looked twice as good as J. T.'s ??