USC Morning Buzz: Will Georgia Have High School Football For Jake Garcia?

Scott Wolf

USC commit Jake Garcia says he is transferring to Valdosta High School in Georgia even though the state has not made no decisions yet on fall sports.

More than 12 schools have already shut down football workouts in Georgia since mandatory workouts started July 27.

Garcia, who will be going to his fourth high school, said he is still committed to USC.

But I'm sure Miami wouldn't mind if Garcia is playing in Georgia. Remember, I said yesterday that Miami coaches still felt they had a good shot at getting Garcia.

Garcia is not alone. Newport Harbor QB Cole Lavin has transferred to a high school in Utah, which is currently planning to play football. 

UPDATED: The Georgia High School Association decided to eliminate preseason scrimmages Thursday afternoon.

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Rialto Trojan
Rialto Trojan

It’s surprising what parents will do for their football star kid. I know my friend the school counselor Ms. Ricks moved because her son was going to LSU. She was an alumnus of USC, and probably tired of being asked why her son wasn’t going to be Trojan. However the truth is Helton never looked in his direction.