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USC Pauses Football And Water Polo Workouts After 8 Positive COVID-19 Results

Test results follow earlier news that 43 COVID-19 cases emerged after first week of classes

This was bound to happen given the increase in COVID-19 cases at USC after the first week of classes.

USC said Wednesday that football and men’s water polo workouts are suspended until Monday after eight athletes in those sports tested positive for COVID-19.

The eight athletes who tested positive have been placed in isolation, USC said.

“It is clear from contact tracing that the virus was contracted off campus as a result of increased community spread and not via any on-campus or training activities,” a USC statement said.

Football and men’s water polo players will undergo another round of COVID-19 testing this week, according to USC.

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USC athletes had not had a positive test result the past three weeks. USC had one positive among its 654 tests dating back to July 18 prior to this. 

“We have effective mitigation strategies in place,” USC athletic director Mike Bohn said in a statement, “but out of an abundance of caution we are pausing athletics activities in football and men’s water polo while we await additional test results and USC completes the contact tracing process.”

The problem is students have returned for the start of the fall semester and are now interacting with each other.

Earlier this week, USC announced that 43 students had tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 100 were placed in quarantine because of exposure.

So it's not surprising that some athletes are now testing positive. As I mentioned earlier today, there are reports LSU has only four offensive lineman who did not positive or are not in quarantine.

UPDATED: USC has had nine more students test positive so far today so the number is now 104 positive cases for this week.