USC Ranks No. 2 In This Poll

Scott Wolf

USC ranked No. 2 in the nation in social media engagements on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the month of July.

Only Texas outranked the Trojans according to digital/design company SkullSparks.

Now it would be nice if we could see where USC ranks in some other categories such as:

  • Season-ticket sales
  • Actual attendance (not announced)
  • Booster donations
  • Quality of radio/TV packages
  • Total wins

Well, we already know USC ranks 8th in the Pac-12 in football/men's basketball victories since 2010.

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Wolf old buddy, you are absolutely crapping your pants on this new site. You are getting twice as many hits on your old site for crying out loud. Doesn’t look this will last long. Oh I forgot, you don’t read your blog. LMAO! Over and out Linkster.