USC Saturday Buzz: Pac-12 Moving At Glacial Pace

Scott Wolf

There are glaciers that move faster than the Pac-12.

It will wait until Thursday to hold a vote on playing football.

Why so long? Do the Big Ten presidents need to fly in and vote for the Pac-12 counterparts?

I'm sure there is some complicated answer regarding science or bureaucracy but the Pac-12 always moves at its pace.

USC, which worked out in its weight room on Friday, will prepare for the season with or without the approval of the presidents. So will the other 11 schools.

But it's crazy how slowly the Pac-12 moves. It's not like the presidents need to fly to San Francisco. All meetings are via Zoom anyways these days.

All this for a seven-game season. Fun.

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No. 1-1

Larry Scott hopes they don't play football. That means he would have to do somethng. PAC 12 is scared of Newsome and the other governors. They don't want to rock these anarchists, commie, Political Crap, antifa lovers, tyranny lovers. This is horrible.