USC Winner And Losers Of The Week

Scott Wolf


Training camp reports

When even USC is putting out reports about a player leading the defense or earning a starting spot, it's all basically supposed to be believed without proof because all access is closed.


I hear there is more tackling at practices. This should only enhance Todd Orlando's status since he's already got the square chin and yelling part down.

Poll status

USC cruising at No. 21 in the AP Poll and still hasn't played a game.


Clay Helton

Just like I predicted in this morning's post, Helton would not comment today on Munir McClain, including whether claiming unemployment benefits is against team or university rules. He's gonna tough it out with a "no comment" on every question.

USC statements

USC put out a statement Sunday that said Helton told the team to "not engage in rumors." But what's fact or rumor in the Munir McClain saga when he won't answer anything?


USC is charging $333 for a full-size cardboard cutout on the sideline at the Coliseum. Outrageous.

Salute to Troy

If conditions were perfect, USC probably would have had a rough time selling tickets to a real Salute to Troy. So I guess a Zoom version is better than nothing. But with no atmosphere, it will be tough to watch Helton try to keep the fans' attention.

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No. 1-2

I'll believe tackling when I see it in a game... Helton has zero credibility....


Let's hope Todd Orlando doesn't get hired away once the loser Big 12,SEC and ACC team start firing their head coaches next week.