Where Are They Now: Max Browne Talks Sam Darnold & Kedon Slovis

Claudette Montana Pattison

Where Are They Now? This weeks feature follows former USC QB Max Browne on his journey life after football. 

Max Browne was a breakout star in high school. Landing nearly every honor award a high school player could receive. Some credits include the 2012 Gatorade National Football Player of the Year, USA Today All USA Offensive Player of the Year, Prep Star All American Dream Team, and ESPN 150. 

After leaving his hometown of Sammamish Washington, Browne enrolled at USC in 2013 graduating a semester early from high school. Browne served as the #2 quarterback in 2014 and in 2015. He saw limited action, appearing in 6 games in 2014 and 3 games in 2015. 

Browne was named the starting quarterback for the Trojans his junior season at USC. After an extensive amount of hard work, training and dedication. 

However, as USC started their season with a 1-2 record, Clay Helton looked to make some changes. SI.com reported on September 16, 2016, "freshman Sam Darnold [would] be Southern California's starting quarterback on Friday night at Utah, replacing Max Browne after just three games".

Although Browne ultimately lost the starting role to rookie Sam Darnold, he maintained a stellar attitude. 

"I know how these things work. Once the young guy goes, you know how it is, but I'll be ready,'' Browne said. ''I owe it to my teammates and the guys I have been with for for years now. I owe it to them to stay ready, and I'll be ready at a moment's notice.'' (Browne)

After leaving USC, Browne transferred to Pitt and ended his college career with the Panthers. Once he came to the realization that football was over, Browne found himself in need of a job.

"For me like many guys the concept of walking away from football was tough. I had all of these college degrees and all of this stuff that looked good on paper but had no idea what I wanted to do and the advice I got from someone was... if you don't know what you want to do go work for someone you admire". (Browne)

But sometimes getting your foot in the door is the biggest challenge. Browne found a job opening with social media personality Gary Vaynerchuck. So he decided to call a fellow trojan to ask for some help.

"I was a big Gary Vaynerchuk fan...he is a big Jet's fan and who is the biggest name in the Jet's right now? It's Sam Darnold. So I called up Sam and I was like, hey can you help me out I really want to get this job, he has got an opening is there anyway you can shoot Gary a message?" (Browne)

"I knew Sam had a direct line to him. He helped me out, which is awesome, a cool story, obviously because I was beat out by Sam but we are still good buddies." (Browne)

Browne landed the job with Vaynerchuck in NYC and moved on to work for entrepreneur Lewis Howes. He ultimately moved back to Los Angeles and currently works with Sirius XM and Stadium as a college football analyst. 

So what does this CFB analyst and former USC QB have to say about Kedon Slovis?

"A lot of people ask me who is the best quarterback in the PAC 12 and I think it is Kedon Slovis....I think Graham Harrell's offense is so conducive to a quarterback having success. So I expect big things from him in year 2" (Browne)

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Great story, Claudette.
Much appreciated.

We "lifetime" Trojan fans had great expectations for Max.
He dutifully followed behind Cody K for two years. While Cody performed reasonably well, a cursory review of his three years showed a record of 10 wins (soph), 9 wins (Jr), 8 wins (Sr). I've lost track of how many Head Coaches, OC's, and QB coaches Cody suffered under, though he did have a cadre of incredible WRs to throw to.

Max bided his time. He was then thrown to the wolves and completely unprepared by HC CH to play against one of the greatest modern-day CFB defenses in Alabama. The rest is history.
I watched Max on TV his Sr year at Pitt. I got a sense that he had a horrible OC and QB coach there also.

His next act will be 100% successful. He's a great Trojan and the real faithful are 100% behind him!


These stories are definitely worthwhile; thanks for tracking them down.

Michael Guarino
Michael Guarino

Ya gotta love Max. Smart and exuberant. He'll be a star in the booth....


Nice read. Thank you.