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Oklahoma starts training camp Friday because it is starting its season August 29th.

That sure came upon us quickly!

It is three weeks before the Pac-12 is expected to start (Sept. 19) and give schools like USC and other conference schools some time to see how things are working elsewhere.

USC and other Pac-12 schools would open training camp Aug. 21. If they can get approval from local health officials, etc.

I guess the dilemma might be is what happens if one team is ready to play and another is in quarantine?

The Pac-12's answer is it has windows available in its 10-game conference-only schedule to move games around.

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There is also speculation about whether teams that start a season 0-3 or 1-4 will want to play a full 10-game schedule? Can you imagine a school endings its season prematurely?

Ohio State sent season-ticket holders a letter today saying it would have around 20,000 fans at home games, if allowed.

 “It’s too early, frankly, to determine what is safe. It’s too early to determine whether putting over 20,000 people at Ohio Stadium is really a safe thing or not," Ohio Gov. Michael DeWine said.

I think California officials would agree with DeWine.

USC plans to have around 12,000 at its games, if fans are allowed.

Bottom line: It feels like things are being planned but no one really knows how far we will get or if we will even have a fall season.