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A 12-Team College Football Playoff...??? Get Ready Because It's Looking More Likely

Following the breaking news that college football could very well be expanding to a 12-team playoff system beginning for the 2023 season, it's worth wondering if that's the right move or not...

I'll start by saying that I believe college football — to crown a true national champion — needs to expand beyond the four-team playoff.

And since my opinion is beyond worthy of being considered, for the sake of argument I will state than an 8-team playoff seems the most appropriate. My proposal would consists of five conference champions, the highest-ranked team from the Group of 5 and two at-large bids.

8-Team Playoff
Pac-12 Champion
2.) SEC Champion
3.) Big 10 Champion
4.) Big 12 Champion
5.) ACC Champion
6.) Highest-Ranked 'Group of 5' Team
7.) Highest-Ranked Non-Conference Champion (At-Large)
8.) Highest-Ranked Non-Conference Champion (At-Large)


While my proposal might not get legitimate consideration, it appears that another proposal will be reviewed this week for another sort of expansion.

The College Football Playoff management committee is set to meet this week, and it's primary concern will be to review a proposal for an expanded 12-team playoff; six conference champions and six at-large bids.

"The four-team format has been very popular and is a big success," the members of the four-person working group said in a statement. "But it's important that we consider the opportunity for more teams and more student-athletes to participate in the playoff. After reviewing numerous options, we believe this proposal is the best option to increase participation, enhance the regular season and grow the national excitement of college football."

The four person sub-group who came up with the proposal and will be in charge of presenting it to the committee are: Big 12 Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey, Mountain West Conference Commissioner Craig Thompson, and Notre Dame Athletics Director Jack Swarbrick. 

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This group has been working together for the past two seasons on a potential new format when questions arose about certain teams being left out and how the CFP committee selects its top four teams.

Dec 19, 2020; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Utes running back Micah Bernard (3) runs the ball against Washington State Cougars defensive back Daniel Isom (3) and Washington State Cougars defensive back Derrick Langford (2) in the third quarter at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

The college football management committee met today and decided that the proposal will move forward with consideration. There will be a 'summer review phase' that will take into effect other situations as to this is the correct move or not. 

The CFP management committee consists of: Mike Aresco (American Athletic Conference, commissioner); Keith Gill (Sun Belt Conference, commissioner); Judy MacLeod (Conference USA, commissioner); Jim Phillips (Atlantic Coast Conference, commissioner); Larry Scott (Pacific-12 Conference, former commissioner); Jon Steinbrecher (Mid-American Conference, commissioner); Kevin Warren (Big Ten Conference, commissioner); Bowlsby, Sankey, Thompson and Swarbrick.

“Having heard the presentation made today by the working group, along with the management committee that joined us for today’s meeting, the board has authorized the management committee to begin a summer review phase that will engage other important voices in this matter,” Mississippi State president Mark Keenum, CFP board of managers chairman, said in a statement. “These include many people on our campuses, such as student-athletes, athletics directors, faculty athletics representatives, coaches, and university presidents and chancellors. Their opinions are important, and we want to hear them.”

What We Know...
*The 12-team expansion will consist of the six highest ranked conference champions, six at-large spots going to the highest ranked remaining teams, all determined by the CFP selection committee rankings.
*Highest-ranked conference champions would be seeded 1-4, with the remaining teams seeded 5-12. The top four teams would earn a first-round bye while the remaining eight teams would play (highest-ranked team serving as host). 
*The quarterfinals (8 remaining teams. four games) and semifinals (4 remaining teams, two games) would be played in bowl games.
*The national championships would be the same as its current format, a neutral site game to be determined year's in advance.
*The four-person sub-committee had considered 6-, 8-, 10-, and 16-team formats but ultimately decided on a 12-team format.

While there are still many details that need to be ironed, it's assumed that at the earliest, there will be a 12-team playoff by the 2023 season. But don't expect that to be a forgone conclusion as there are still numerous issues that need to be worked out.

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