Issac McBride Says He's "One-Hundred Percent" Committed To Vanderbilt Basketball

Greg Arias

It seems the Vanderbilt Commodores and head basketball coach Jerry Stackhouse will soon be getting a new player, at least that's according to Issac McBride, who committed to the Commodores late last year. 

The Gatorade Arkansas High School Player of the Year in 2018 signed with Kansas out of high school, but after one season with the Jayhawks, McBride left school and shared his intentions to transfer via social media. 

Since his commitment to Vanderbilt, however, McBride has not enrolled in classes and is not currently part of the Vanderbilt program, this according to a university spokesperson who could not comment on a student-athlete that is not part of the university as late as last week.   

According to a podcast interview conducted between McBride and The Dore Report released Sunday, that could be changing soon.   

In the interview, McBride said he is "one-hundred percent" committed to Vanderbilt, which will come as welcome news to fans who have followed his saga since the initial announcement of intentions to go to Vanderbilt. 

"Yes sir, I'm one-hundred percent committed," said McBride. "You know, some people are questioning my commitment abilities because I went to KU and all of a sudden left."

"That wasn't just an impulsive decision, there were countless hours of prayer and talking it over with my family and parents, and there was just something in my soul, you know, and people are questioning my commitment, you know, but I'm going to do my best to help the community and also strive my hardest on and off the court to show people that I'm a hundred percent committed. I won't talk about it, just let my actions try to lead."

As for his plans on his eligibility at Vanderbilt in 2020, McBride 

"I ave no idea," said McBride. "They're talking about waivers, and there was talk coming from the NCAA that there could be an immediate eligibility one-year transfer rule."

McBride shared more about his faith in God and how he has spoken with Stackhouse and his staff, but his status is, at best questionable for next season at this point. 

He was also asked what made Stackhouse standout above others he might have considered in the transfer process.

"Coach Stackhouse is a players coach, and he reminded me a lot of what my family was trying to instill in me," continued McBride. "The first few things he told me didn't have to do with basketball. He told me about being a family man and being a great man within the community."

So McBride is one-hundred percent committed to the Commodores, but will he be eligible to play in 2020, and will there be a season at all are questions that will wait for now.  

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