SI Insider: Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren Has Big Plans for His Conference

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Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren hasn't been on the job long, but he is making some strides in areas that he feels very important, one of those he announced Monday.

On Monday, he announced The Big Ten Mental Health Cabinet with members from every school in the conference. 

He wants to bring together as many leaders as he can to emphasize the importance of athlete mental health. 

This is obviously a big issue on campuses nationwide, and not just in athletics. But it is gaining a lot of traction within the sports realm, and the Big Ten wants to get out as far in front of it as they can. 

I spoke with Warren about this and he was adamant that this is, he thinks, one of most important things that they can do for their athletes within the Big Ten conference. 

One of the things he did when he toured every campus after he got the job: he went into the weight rooms and worked out with some of the teams and athletes. He wanted to get to know them personally, what they're going through, and eat lunch with them. 

I think that resonated with a lot of the athletes, seeing Warren getting down to the grassroots level. Not just being a commissioner who interacts with president, unaffiliated directors and media executives, but a commissioner who cares about the athletes that are playing the sports that fill the stadiums in within the league.

Kevin Warren is getting a lot of early rave reviews for his work, specifically in this mental health area and the Big Ten conference. And we'll see what direction he's going to take the league going forward into a pretty uncertain 2020-2021 academic and athletic school year.