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Even with the Rapid Roster Rollover, Huskies Haven't Fixed Anything Yet

Only the names have changed for the UW basketball team so far, with nothing to indicate the results will.
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Broadcasters for the NCAA tournament, with a slip of the tongue, have been calling the conference the Pac-10.

More than once.

Maybe these guys know something?

After all, while the Pac-12 is enjoying an unexpected basketball resurgence and basking in the attention that comes with it, at least through this year's Sweet 16, could it be a worse time to be Washington or California?

Especially the Huskies.

Rather than commencing an immediate and ominous rebuild, they're still cleaning out the garage. 

Four players have left the program abruptly in the past four days — Erik Stevenson, Marcus Tsohonis, J'Raan Brooks and Nate Pryor — either determined to go elsewhere for a fresh start or giving in after being told they won't have a huge role in the future.

All of these players started games for the 5-21 Huskies this past season, with Stevenson the only full-time first-teamer, though Tsohonis played like one by supplying five 20-point games and a game-winning shot. Brooks and Pryor were given brief auditions and summarily discarded.

Change seemed inevitable, but, most of all, it just reaffirms the state of Mike Hopkins' Husky program.

It's in flames.

Hard to sell to anyone right now.

Not a winner.

Consider these Huskies turned in the second-worst showing in school history and barely missed rock bottom, trailing only behind Bob Bender's low-bar 5-22 UW outfit in 1993-94.

Hopkins' team lost 13 of those 21 games this season by a dozen points or more.

This was a not a one-off either. 

The program has dropped a disturbing 34 of its past 43 games over two seasons.

Maybe not record-wise, but reaching program stability appears a long way off.

No matter who you bring in this late, Husky basketball won't be lifted up right away.

This is a momentous task. 

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The Huskies have picked up guard Terrell Brown and forward Samuel Ariyibi as replacement parts.

Brown, coming from Arizona and with a track record for scoring at Seattle U, is good for a single season.

Ariyibi arrives directly from Africa, which means a cultural transition will be in order. 

Other Huskies imported from that continent made stops at prep schools or junior colleges before coming to Seattle.

The Huskies, presuming seniors Quade Green and Hameir Wright move on and not use all of the eligibility afforded them, and no one else leaves, will be down three starters.

That's a big void to fill even with a team coming off success.

Returnees include starters Jamal Bey and Nate Roberts.

Subs still filling roster spots are Cole Bajema, RaeQuan Battle and 7-foot-4 Riley Sorn.

Recruits coming in are 6-10 Jackson Grant, a top 35 national player, and guard Dominiq Penn.

Grant brings reason to be optimistic, but the overall collection of Husky talent right now still doesn't look like it would scare anyone.

Nobody fixes a disaster like this in a year.

Face it, Hopkins will be a magic man if he can break even next season.

Of course, his job depends on it. 

This remains an accident scene.

Police tape still surrounds it.

There's broken glass everywhere.

Four players bolted.

It's as if they got off the Titanic before it disappears into the depths.

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