3 Things to Know About the Apple Cup

Discussion centers around WSU insults, UW line fail and a prediction
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With Washington and Washington State poised to meet for the 112th time in the Apple Cup, here are three things to consider before all of those people wearing purple and crimson colors squeeze into Husky Stadium on Friday. 

Loose Lips

Bulletin-board material, does it really exist? Are bulletin boards even used anymore? Don't players look for perceived insults on their iPhones these days?

When WSU running back Matt Borghi last week winked and said, "But I'll be scoring a lot," in reference to this game, I think sportswriters were more offended by his supposed brashness than anyone pulling on shoulder pads.

They just don't make good Apple Cup quotes available like they used to anyway. Consider what WSU offensive guard Dan Lynch said before the 1984 game, "There are four important stages in your life: You're born, you play the Huskies, you get married and you die."

Even better was Cougars coach Mike Price, who excused himself to go use the restroom well in advance of the 2002 Apple Cup and said in parting, "I'm going to go sit on my Neuheisel."

Everybody's Fault

In the accompanying video, UW center Nick Harris tells how there's no one problem area on the offensive line, that everyone took turns breaking down against Colorado. That everyone knew what was coming, practiced to stop it, and still stumbled. The question to ask is why? 

Left tackle Trey Adams and Harris have been first-team All-Pac-12 selections in the past. Left guard Luke Wattenberg is a three-year starter, and right guard Jaxson Kirkland, who got hurt in Boulder, and left tackle Jared Hilbers are two-years starters. That's a lot of experience.

Were these guys overrated coming into the season or did they just underachieve in a big way?

Prediction, Sort Of

Final score: 42-41. Winner? Who knows.