7 Huskies Had Family Members Make It to the NFL: Can You Name Them?

The group includes fathers, a grandfather and a brother who appeared in at least one regular-season game, providing strong football bloodlines.

The recruiting commitment of Dyson McCutcheon, son of a former USC and NFL great, to the University of Washington football team over the weekend got us thinking.

How many of the current Huskies can claim that same connection, tying a family member to football's highest level?

We narrowed it down to grandfathers, fathers and brothers -- sorry, we didn't consider cousins for fear of missing a once- or second-removed relative -- who actually played in an NFL regular-season game.

We came up with seven players on the Husky roster who can claim that.

Collectively, their relatives, all retired, played 72 NFL seasons and 935 games, started 658 games, scored 33 touchdowns and threw for another 29.

Freshman tailback Sam Adams II's father, Sam, a defensive tackle, appeared in 206 games for six NFL teams, among them the Seattle Seahawks. His grandfather, Sam I, was an offensive guard who logged 135 games for two teams, mostly the New England Patriots. 

Freshman linebacker Carson Bruener's dad, Mark, a tight end, played in 188 games for two pro football teams.

Sophomore cornerback/safety Julius Irvin's father, LeRoy, a cornerback played in 159 for a pair of NFL teams, most with the Los Angeles Rams.

Senior cornerback Elijah Molden's dad, Alex, was a cornerback who played in 98 games for three NFL teams.

Sophomore inside linebacker Jackson Sirmon's father, Peter, a linebacker, got in 81 games, all with the Tennessee Titans.

Walk-on redshirt freshman Zeke Pelluer's dad, Steve, a quarterback, played in 65 games for two teams.

This one might trip you up. Senior defensive tackle Josiah Bronson's brother John, a tight end, appeared in three games for the Arizona Cardinals.

Of this bunch, the senior Bruener, Adams, Sirmon and Pelluer each scored NFL touchdowns. Bruener had the most, 18. Pelluer was the only one who threw one.

Apologies to redshirt freshman offensive Nate Kalepo and redshirt freshman outside linebacker Alphonzo Tupatalo, who are cousins of Danny Shelton, a defensive lineman on his third team with the Detroit Lions, and to junior offensive tackle Jaxson Kirkland, whose dad Dean went to camp with the Buffalo Bills and didn't stick. 

But we had to draw the line somewhere, fearful of missing someone. Let us know if we did anyway.

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