Huskies' Junior Adams on John Donovan: 'I Love J.D. This Isn't Solely on J.D.'

The University of Washington receivers coach spread the blame around for the team's offensive shortcomings.
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Junior Adams spoke in upbeat terms about his emerging young receivers, his receivers coming off injuries and his receiver lost for the season who daily still supports his teammates.

On Tuesday afternoon, the reporters wanted to talk to John Donovan, the under-siege University of Washington offensive coordinator, but he wasn't made available and the Huskies wide-receivers coach was brought out instead. 

So we asked Adams about Donovan, who's been designated by a growing number of fans as the Husky coach most at fault for the team's 0-2 start that's been marked by a decided inability to move the ball and score.

Adams turned as serious on this subject about his coaching colleague as he was somewhat jovial in discussing his pass-catchers. 

"Of course, he's going to get the blame," the receivers coach said. "That's the world we live in. The finger's always going to be pointed at someone. It doesn't matter if you're the best basketball player in the world, they're going to blame you for something, right."

Adams, in his third season after leaving Western Kentucky as an offensive coordinator, wasn't about to let Donovan shoulder all the blame for the Husky shortcomings. He didn't minimize the situation any, rather he said all of the offensive coaches shoulder some responsibility for what's gone wrong.

"It's not just on J.D. — this is on us as an offensive staff," he said. "We together, collectively, have got to get these guys some momentum going into this game, and momentum coming out of this game. And have fun."

The day before, Husky coach Jimmy Lake told these same media members that everything was his fault, not once mentioning Donovan's name in order to protect him. 

Adams, who handles himself well and might even be head-coaching material some day, didn't shy from any mention of Donovan. Yet he made sure to spread the blame around to everyone. He also strongly suggested that the coaching staff stay positive.

"I love J.D.," he reiterated. "This isn't solely on J.D., this is on us as an offensive staff. We'll figure this out. I'm very confident we will figure this thing out, I am. We need to keep our chins up, keep smiling and we'll be fine."

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