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Get Your Kicks with Porter's Punting Lessons

The Husky record-setter will share his magic with paying pupils.
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For Race Porter, NIL stands for name, image and leg.

On Thursday, the former University of Washington football player posted on social media what amounted to a flyer on a grocery store tack board.

Punting lessons.

Call him Professor Porter.

Professor Porter, from the school of punting.

Jack Black will play him in the movie.

As he awaits an opportunity to become an NFL player — one that should come after he averaged a school-record 48.53 yards per punt, fourth in the NCAA — Porter is willing to share his secrets to fourth-down, into-the-wind, out-on-the-5 success.

He charges $75 an hour.

All ages.

Any skill set.

One-on-one instruction.

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Did we forget to mention a free hoodie from his charity clothing line.

Porter can regale his students with his story coming to the UW as a walk-on, just looking to fit it, originally getting on the field as a kick holder.

He ultimately turned himself into a scholarship football player who was better than anyone at his punting special-teams position in the history of the school.

Punters usually don't get drafted by the NFL, but everyone needs one, a good one to maintain an advantage when it comes to field position.

So Porter will wile away his free time until the pros start signing free agents and drafting other players at other positions.

He's always entertaining, whether it's with his booming foot or his sense of being.

He's reachable at 

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