It's Time for the Huskies to Play, Maybe Even Start, Sam Huard

The UW offense needs ignition; why not let the freshman have a shot at it.
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Let's see, two Husky touchdowns in eight quarters.

On the sideline, one 5-star quarterback unused.

It might be time to rip off the packaging that covers Sam Huard and put him on display for all to see against Arkansas State.

If anything, the much-anticipated debut for the wunderkind player from Kennedy Catholic High School and a family full of quarterbacks would change up the overarching negative conversation hammering the University of Washington nonstop for two weeks now and counting.

If these were Mannings, he'd be out there, celebrated, saluted. 

That's not to suggest the Huskies totally discard redshirt freshman Dylan Morris, a six-game starter over two seasons. 

However, this supposed mistake-free quarterback — his calling card as the returning starter and the reason he was confirmed as the No. 1 guy early in fall camp — has been mistake-filled after tossing three interceptions against Montana and going 20 consecutive drives without scoring into the Michigan game.

He's 0-2. 

The offensive scheme can't be faulted for all of this futility. The offensive line has been a huge disappointment. The running backs have been tentative. The wide receivers have been injured.

And Morris has not been sharp.

Huard needs to play. Morris needs to play better. It's time for both of them to play. It might be a win-win situation. 

One win would suffice against Arkansas State. 

Sam Huard takes a fall camp practice snap.

Sam Huard takes a practice snap. 

The 6-foot-2, 190-pound Huard continually looked more comfortable as a college quarterback as the spring and fall camps played out. 

The lefty possesses a better arm than Morris and Colorado State transfer Patrick O'Brien, the latter sharing the backup QB role with Huard on the depth chart.

While generating some offense and beating Arkansas State are the primary goals this coming weekend, the Huskies also need to consider the long-term health of the program.

Circulating among knowledgeable former UW players is persistent chatter that Huard won't be a UW player long if the offense isn't fixed soon.

The solution: Get him on the field and let him do his thing.

Start him.

Or bring him in during the second quarter.

However you do it, get him on the field and let him show off his prodigious skills.

Arkansas State rotates a pair of quarterbacks in James Blackman and Layne Hatcher, formerly of Florida State and Alabama, looking to see who has the hot hand. 

For those of you who suggest he's not ready, Huard has taken part in 40 Husky practices.

How many of these does he need to find a comfort zone?

This UW offense needs a wake-up call. Set the alarm for 1:15 p.m. on Saturday.

Start thinking Sam Huard. 

After losing the first two games of the season, really what does anyone have to lose at this point?

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