Huddle Up: Jimmy Lake Calls a Husky Team Meeting for All to See

Dan Raley

University of Washington football players are spread out at family residences up and down the West Coast, plus in Hawaii and Texas, waiting out the global pandemic.

Spring football this month has been postponed or canceled, whichever comes first.

The UW campus, including all athletic facilities, are closed to everyone.

All of this requires creative efforts on behalf of the players to conduct daily weight-lifting and other workouts in some manner, and complete their classwork online.

The same goes for team meetings.

Husky coach Jimmy Lake permitted the general public through Twitter a glimpse of one of these gatherings on Tuesday night that is customized to break down the distance obstacles and bring everyone together. 

For those old enough to remember the TV game show, this team session looked a lot like Hollywood Squares, with faces popping out of different box-like vantage points in a giant montage, stacked on top of one another.

The ever enthusiastic Lake used the meeting to greet everyone, point out there are no illnesses to report among Husky team members and salute those with exceptional grade reports.

When they're not meeting all as one, Lake and his coaching staff have daily briefings. Assistant coaches hold regular video calls with their position groups. One-on-one sessions take place.

Lake told Seattle-area reporters last week how he had personally contacted nearly every one of his 106 players on the roster, as well as more recruits than normal, plus recruits' parents.

The new normal for Husky football gives another meaning to "electric football."