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Pac-12 Football Power Rankings, Not for Kalen DeBoer's Eyes

The new University of Washington football coach won't want to look at this list.

We've pulled the plug on the University of Washington football season, but there's time to release one more set of SI Pac-12 Power Rankings. The Huskies won't look back on this season fondly. 

At the end, it was so broken we at Husky Maven didn't think this particular UW team was capable of winning again. We were harder on these guys than the other network voters here. 

With a close-up look at the damage, we gave the Huskies a last-place pick. Not out of spite or any reflective action, they simply weren't competitive anymore.

However, the good news for the program is it is in new hands. The UW since has hired a new coach in Kalen DeBoer from Fresno State, someone who looks capable of picking up the pieces and returning the Huskies to respectability. 

Here's a look at where the conference entities stand with all except USC and California having completed their regular-season schedules. 


1. Utah (5) 9-3, 8-1 . . . 71 points

2. Oregon (1) 10-2, 7-2 . . . 68

3. UCLA 8-4, 6-3 . . . 60

4. Washington State 7-5, 6-3 . . . 52

5. Arizona State 8-4, 6-3 . . . 47

6. Oregon State 7-5, 5-4 . . . 45

7 tie. Cal 4-7, 3-5 . . . 30

7 tie. USC 4-7, 3-5 . . . 30

9. Colorado 4-8, 3-6 . . . 28

10. Washington 4-8, 3-6 . . . 19

11. Stanford 3-9, 2-7 . . . 12

12. Arizona 1-11, 1-8 . . . 8


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1. Utah; 2. Oregon; 3. UCLA; 4. Washington State; 5. Oregon State; 6. Arizona State; 7. USC; 8. Colorado; 9. Cal 10. Washington; 11. Stanford; 12. Arizona

Comment: We'll finally be getting our rematch of Oregon-Utah in the Pac-12 title game, as those are the two best schools in the conference. Can the Ducks fix their errors from round one on a neutral field? We'll find out. The entire conference is now on notice with USC hiring Lincoln Riley, which already Has the Trojans buzzing for next season. Time for the remaining schools in the conference to find their guy as well.


1. Utah, 2. Oregon, 3. UCLA, 4. Washington State, 5. Arizona State, 6. Arizona State, 7. USC, 8. Cal, 9. Washington, 10. Colorado, 11. Arizona, 12. Stanford

Comment: I'd like to see UCLA play Utah or Oregon right about now to see how that would come out. I really think Arizona would beat Stanford today, so that's why the Cardinal is 12th despite having that win over Oregon, a result that seems completely implausible now.


1. Utah; 2. Oregon; 3. UCLA; 4. Oregon State; 5. Washington State; 6. Arizona State; 7. USC; 8. Colorado; 9. Cal; 10. Washington; 11. Stanford; 12. Arizona

Comment: Oregon gets back on track by finishing the regular season undefeated at home, but still needs to conquer its demons with a rematch against Utah looming in the Pac-12 championship. Oregon State is positioned to be one of tougher teams in this conference after extending Jonathan Smith. A wild year in the Pac-12 showed glimpses of parity but proved to still be an incredibly weak conference overall.


1. Utah; 2. Oregon; 3. UCLA; 4. Arizona State; 5. Washington State; 6. Oregon State; 7. Colorado; 8. Cal; 9. Washington; 10. USC; 11. Stanford; 12. Arizona

Comment: If only UCLA could have been this hot in October – when they lost games to Arizona State, Oregon and Utah – then they could actually be in contention right now. A big part of their season-ending surge has had to do with a light schedule to finish of the year, though, so it’s tough to tell if they’ve really improved or are just taking advantage of lesser competition. I guess the upcoming bowl game will determine if the Bruins really could have competed with the Ducks or Utes at this point in the season.


1. Oregon; 2. Utah; 3. UCLA; 4. Washington State; 5. Arizona State; 6. Oregon State; 7. Cal; 8.USC; 9. Colorado; 10. Washington; 11. Stanford; 12. Arizona

Comment: The USC Trojans get one last chance to try and salvage their 2021 season by ending the year with a win against the Cal Bears. The Men of Troy will not be bowl eligible after losing to the BYU Cougars.


1. Utah; 2. Oregon; 3. UCLA; 4. Washington State; 5. Arizona State; 6. Oregon State; 7. Cal; 8. Colorado; 9. USC; 10. Stanford; 11. Arizona; 12. Washington

Comment: By the end of the season, Washington was incapable of beating anyone in the conference. So in my mind the Huskies are last in our power rankings. So much for being the 20th-ranked team in the nation, which seems like a football lifetime ago. This is what happens when your head coach lasts only nine games into the schedule. When your offensive coordinator has an earlier exit. When you can't stop the run and you throw four interceptions in the rivalry game. Oh, what a mess. 

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