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Ryan Grubb Goes Room to Room Looking to Motivate Huskies

The UW offensive coordinator digs deep for analogies to keep his players focused.
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At times Ryan Grubb sounds as if he's running a home-improvement store rather than an intricate offense for Seattle's college football team.

In the aftermath of a huge 39-28 victory over Michigan State, the first-year University of Washington football offensive coordinator used a couple of household references in discussing how to keep the players properly motivated. 

Grubb expressed how he wanted the Huskies to momentarily enjoy the milestone moment with the Big Ten team, but he pinpointed the need for them to take that celebratory mood and "flush it" in order to properly shift attention to the upcoming Stanford game on Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

"You don't get an extra day off because of a big win," the Husky OC said. "It's critical to execute on a Tuesday. Coach [Kalen] DeBoer and I were just talking about this actually, about the mishaps that can happen when guys think there's some kind of carryover and you truly have to flush the game."

Grubb headed straight for the kitchen to make an even better analogy regarding this subject of remaining laser focused. The often frank assistant coach turned to a well-known appliance to explain himself, if not use it in subtle terms to point fingers at Michigan State for coming in to Husky Stadium last weekend a little lackadaisical.

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"Honestly when I met with them I said we potentially played a team that had a little bit where their fridge was full — they weren’t as hungry," Grubb said. "We’ve just got to keep the padlock on that fridge and stay frickin’ hungry, man.”

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