Salvon Ahmed: Ripping up Defenses... and Tracks

Terry Hollimon

Salvon Ahmed sat attentively in a chair right outside of the media center in Husky Stadium. He was there after Tuesday’s practice to answer a bunch of questions from guys like me. You know -  “The Media.” 

I’ve been in that chair before. As a player. Right after a Tuesday or Wednesday practice, which are generally the hardest practices of the week. You’re tired. Sore. Sweaty. Hungry. You’d love to be getting in the shower and getting on with the rest of your day like the rest of your teammates. But when you’re the starting tailback for the University of Washington, sometimes you have to do things that other players don’t have to do.

Things like sitting in the tunnel after practice with “The Media”, answering the same questions over and over. Day in and day out. How did you feel out there? What do you think about the upcoming opponent? How good is Jacob Eason? After watching Salvon answer about 20 minutes worth of these questions, I decided to flip the script for him. I figured, Hey - We already know  what the guy can do when his helmet and shoulder pads are on... let’s find out what fires up the explosive junior when he’s NOT on the playing field. So I asked Salvon - When there’s 30 minutes left until kickoff, and you’re sitting in front of your locker, what music is playing in your headphones to get you ready for the game?

Ahmed's face lights up, and with the pride of an expectant first time father Ahmed exclaims, “I’m listening to my OWN music!” His OWN music? No, not music that he OWNS because he purchased it online. Music that he actually wrote, produced and recorded. In a studio. The Juanita High product has been writing and recording hip hop music since his sophomore year of high school. And as someone who has been a lifelong hip hop aficionado, I have to say: Salvon Ahmed has BARS (Translation: He’s a really good rapper).

Earlier this year Salvon released an EP titled “A Safehouse Summer”, under his appropriate and subtle rap pseudo name, “Salvon”. It is available now on iTunes or wherever you download music. The 6 track EP showcases the Husky superstar’s lyrical dexterity over well crafted beats. Here’s what Salvon had to say about his music:

Do yourself a favor - Since there is no chance that you’ll ever be able to catch him in a foot race... Catch Salvon racing up and down the tracks on “Safehouse Summer”. 

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Very talented young man. I’m looking forward to big things both on and off the field for Salvon.